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medusa gorgon
The Tale of Perseus and Medusa

There was once a young man named Perseus. His mother was very beautiful.A evil king stole Perseus's mother and wanted to marry her. He demanded him to get the head of medusa on a plate. Perseus was scared but he walked off. Medusa was a sister of the gorgons. She had snakes instead of hair on her head. Anyone who looked in Medusa's orange eyes would instantly turn to stone.

Perseus knew he needed help so he went to a wise magician. Perseus said "I have to get the face of Medusa on a plate"
"What a silly boy" said the magician. The magician gave Perseus a shield. It was so shiny he could see his face in it.Then he handed him a crystal sword "Do not look in Medusa's eyes"."you will need a.....helmet what makes you invisible, a pair of sandals what will make you fly and a silver bag to put her head in".

"Where will I find this stuff" asked Perseus the magician pointed at Mount Atlas."You need to go to Mount Atlas there will be three witches they all share one eye between them".

The witch with the eye could see a young man "I see a young man" said a witch. Another witch hit the witch with the eye and says '"Give me the eye" screamed the witch.The witch gave other witch the eye Perseus quickly grabbed the eye "well go on then"said the witch"pass me it"
"I gave you it" said the other witch putting her hand on her hips.
"No you did not" shouted the other witch
"well who has"said the other witch.
"I have" said Perseus"and i will only give you the eye if you give me your helmet, sandals and a silver bag" .The witches gave him the things and away Perseus flew.

When he got to Medusa's palace he drew his sword and charged . Perseus grabbed some angry snakes and with one blow of his sword he chopped Medusa's head off. Quickly he put Medusa's head into the silver bag. He hurried back to the King .He holded the head right in front of the King. Before he could speak he had turned into stone.

the myth where thE monster is the victim the hero is the
Gaze upon me,
See my face.
In my domain,
Feel my embrace.

Foolish heroes venture,
Seeking vast treasure.
Who'll never leave,
My cruel pleasure.
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